Sunday, 24 April 2011


I bloody Love Daria and I'm obsessed with this outfit at the top, i nicked this piccy from Doras Fur, but its so natural and gorgeous gotta get me some more silevr braclets asap!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Best Kazza Moss Ever?

Possibly the best editorial ever? i think it might be. In early 2000 it was dead fashwan to be as tanned as a leather boot, me and my bezzie Georgia (from dorasfur fame) used to perve on this editorial in her older sisters Vogue like there was no tommorow, dreaming that some day we would be able to afford enough Rimmel instant tan and shimmer to look this fit and swan around in the desert looking like a sultry Godess...................!

What are YOU thinking!?

ARG working in the shop (REISS) is doing my nut in!!!! its so nice to escape and do a bit o' bloggin, my fave piccy is the kazza moss one in the bananna top as i remember buying that vogue when i was 14 and stuck on a caravaning holiday in Devon with the folks dreaming of a glamourous life and smoking rollies out the window at night just to be cool and bad ass even though i was terrified of being caught! Oh and by the way now i welcome caravaning holidays in Devon with the fam oooooh how ive grown..........

Summer Good Times

I was perusing I Photo the other day and came across theese piccys that remind me of some hilarious and silly summer fun from the last three years! Woop roll on this Summer its going to AMAZING............ i canny wait to catch up with my chums i loves ya xxxxxx